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Pioneers of Japan’s Folk Punk Scene

The Cherry Cokes

Celtic punk band from Tokyo
The Cherry Coke$, affectionately known as Cherico, a trailblazing 6-piece Folk Punk Band hailing from Ota-ku, Tokyo. Since their formation in 1999, centered around the charismatic KATSUO as the lead vocalist, Cherico has been redefining the Folk Punk genre in Japan. Drawing inspiration from traditional Irish and Celtic music, country, blues, and beyond, the band weaves a rich tapestry of sounds that range from cheerful to melancholic. Armed with vocals, drums, guitar, bass, accordion, tee, whistle, mandolin, banjo, bolan, saxophone, trumpet, and blues harp, Cherico creates a sonic landscape that transcends boundaries. From live performances across the country to supporting international acts like Rancid, Flogging Molly, and more, The Cherry Cokes have become synonymous with musical exploration, bringing their eclectic and dynamic sound to renowned festivals such as Fuji Rock, Countdown Japan, and Punk Spring. With each note, Cherico invites audiences on a musical journey that is both culturally rooted and innovatively boundary-breaking.

The Cherry Cokes Projects

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