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Skateboarding Maverick Christian Hosi

Christian Hosoi

Pro Skate Boarder • Artist
Christian Hosi, a renowned pro skateboarder, embarked on his skating journey at the age of seven or eight, inspired by legends like Shogo Kubo, Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, and Jay Adams. The Marina Del Rey Skatepark, managed by his father Ivan “Pops” Hosoi, became Christian’s second home, leading him to quit school and hone his skills on the skateboard. In 1979, as an amateur, he gained sponsorship from Powell Peralta but left a year later due to their refusal to let him turn professional. Joining Dogtown Skateboards briefly, Christian faced setbacks as Dogtown went out of business. At just 14, he turned pro with Sims Skateboards and later joined Alva Skates, aiming to launch his own company through Alva. He invented iconic moves like the Christ Air and Rocket Air. Establishing his own company, Hosoi Skates, in 1984, Christian’s talent extended beyond vert skating, showcasing his prowess in street skating by winning both vert and street contests at the Lotte Cup in Japan in 1989.

Skateboards and Salty Dogs!

Spectacle Photo embarked on an exhilarating visual journey with the creation of a captivating video for the Salty Dog Cruise. Our lens captured the dynamic energy as professional skateboarders took to a halfpipe on the cruise, showcasing their skills against the breathtaking backdrop of the open sea. The video seamlessly blended the thrill of skateboarding with the unique atmosphere of the Salty Dog Cruise, providing viewers with a firsthand experience of the adrenaline-fueled moments on deck. It was a project fueled by passion, skill, and the desire to transport the audience into the heart of the action. Spectacle Photo is proud to have been part of this high-octane collaboration, delivering a visual masterpiece that immortalizes the excitement of skateboarding against the backdrop of the open sea.


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