Images That Work For You

Event photos aren't just "cool pics of the band." Event photos and videos set the tone for your future marketing campaigns. Here at Spectacle Photo, our goal is to get you versatile assets that you can use to market and promote all of your future events. We make sure we frame our shots for web banners, social media headers, video intros, print, etc. This way, you don't just get awesome shots, you get photographs and media assets that will pack the punch you need to get people's attention and bring in more business. 

A Different Approach

Our #1 goal on an event shoot is to befriend the fans and make sure they're happy. We hang out with them, make sure we don't get in their way, and include them in our photos every chance we get. Fans are the heart and soul of the event industry. While band photos are a given, pictures of fans can work for you just as much. They're the ones who really convey how much fun your event is, and the right photos of them can really set a ticket-selling tone for you in the future. If your fans aren't happy, neither are we.   

Flogging Molly Cruise

Meet Your Goals

Every business has marketing goals. Whether you've planned a national ad campaign in print, or want to focus on bolstering your posts on social media, you're going to need quality content. This is why we get together with you prior to your event to come up with a clear idea of what you'll be using marketing assets for in the future. That way we know what we're going for before the event even happens, and you'll end up with the materials you need. Lack of communication between companies and creatives in the business world is a huge problem, but Spectacle refuses to be a part of it. The more info we get from our clients, the happier they are with the materials they receive, and that's the way we like it. 


Live Event Portfolio

The Team


Rich Johnson

Every image tells a story, and every artist has one to tell. Equipped with a love for the arts and a passion for cinema, Rich Johnson's influences are clearly expressed in every click of the shutter. He is a national and international award-winning artist who has distinguished himself as an innovator in design, photography, and video. Rich has spent the last 10 years perfecting his artistic skills to become an expert in the fields of print, web, video, and photography. His skill set, mixed with his creative personality, is a perfect fit for any project.

Caleb Morgan

Caleb has years of experience as a Creative Director and Project Manager. He is essential to bridging the gap between the client and their production goals. Determining the needs of the client, organizing and implementing creative teams, managing project vision, and overcoming creative obstacles are just a handful of Caleb’s responsibilities. Drive, passion, and a deep running love for film and photography have taken his skills to the next level, and the end result is always an overjoyed client.


Ace Noguera

Ace is one of those photographers that has a real gift for reading in-between the lines. When a natural moment happens, he knows it, which is why we chose him to be our lifestyle photographer. Lifestyle photos are extremely natural, and it takes someone who is a true lover of people to know exactly when to take that perfect picture. Ace is an avid traveler; every chance he gets he travels to new places so he can meet people from foreign lands and immerse himself in different cultures. It's this obsession with the world that has led him to better understand that spark that people emit in their everyday lives. Ace brings his lifestyle approach to fashion, culture, travel, and senior portrait photography.