The Basics

The pricing below cover basic creative sessions. Each session is an hour long, and these prices cover family, portrait, graduation, senior, children 6m+, and headshot sessions. If you need a shoot done that's similar to these but isn't listed, just give us a call and we'll figure out if you're in the same price range. This pricing doesn't cover group discounts, so let us know if you need multiple headshots done etc. and we'll get a quote out to you.

Creative Session Fee: $179.95

Includes Two Sheets and Two Digital files


Print sizes included in session fee are one 8x10 or Two 5x7s or 8 Wallets. Digital files are only provided for poses purchased with a print. 

Build Your Own Package!

As you add prints to your package you add more savings!

6 Items

10% OFF

10 Items

15% OFF

15 Items

20% OFF

25 Items

25% OFF

Purchase additional poses for $49.95 each and get a free digital file of each pose. Reprints of the same pose start at $7.50 per sheet.

 A sheet is:






These prices DO NOT cover personal branding sessions, business photography, live events, newborn shoots, weddings, film and video services, etc. But there's good news, Spectacle does all of those things as well! Those types of projects just require a quote, because each one is different. 

Pricing FAQ

What's a sheet? A sheet is an 8x10 or two 5x7's or a page of 8 wallets.

Do I get all the digitals from the shoot on a disc? You get a digital copy of each photo you purchase from us either through email, or on a disc or thumbdrive you bring in.

Can my print sheet and my digital file be different photos? For every photo you choose you get a print and a digital of that ONE photo. 

How much is an additional hour? $80.00

Do you do locations? Yes. For a location shoot within 15 miles of our studio we charge $75. Outside of that we charge mileage.

What's the turnaround time to get my photos? After you pick your photos our turnaround time is 7-14 days.