Bike Launch!

I saw this old picture from the 80's of a kid on a big wheel launching off a home made ramp! I know when I was a kid it seemed as if the world was much safer, and not in a violent way, but in a get hurt less from doing stupid things way. I wanted to try and see if I could recreate this with my son and his big wheel (or the poor excuse modern day equivalent of one) and see if I could spark that same feeling! I hope one day my son will look back on this image and tell everyone how safe the world used to be and brag about all the crazy things he did when he was 3! 

Here are the images I took to create this effect. It is important to use a tripod, and capture a background image. You do not want to spend the time recreating a picket fence! The background image will cut your post time drastically! Enjoy and let me know what you think down in the comments section! ~Rich 

Never Far Behind

This was a fun touch-up! I wanted to add a bit of dramatics to this image, and some how ended with a wolf in the background! I changed the dress green to help compliment her hair as well as the earth tones in the background. Some people have suggested that her expression is lacking in this image. I would have to semi disagree, and I mean semi! I agree that her expression could be more dramatic, maybe even relieved to be out of the woods and out of the mask. But I think this image sells the same story, here expression is confident with out being over dramatic. Almost like she expected to get away from the wolf. Another reason why I dig this shot is...well It was a light test! This image was taken with in the first 10 images! Well I hope you enjoy the break down below! Sorry no video on this one!

After post production

Before: right out of camera, no color correction.

Wolfe: stock image from

"Feel the Music" Shoot and Design

The other day a buddy of mine Mike D invited me to come out to a recording studio he works at. He wanted to get a few more shots of his band "Loose Change for Liquor" while they layed down a few tracks. So I brought along my equipment  for an in studio promo session. David O'Connell came by to help out with the lighting and technical support (and like always some friendly banter). Here is one of the images captured at the studios, and a quick video showing you the edit in photoshop.