35 photos in this photomerge with Erin

The Final result

The concept is simple! Take a bunch of pictures and stitch them together as one.  This has become known as the "Brenizer Method" as it was made popular by photographer Ryan Brenizer. Essentially the effect and processes allows you to take a very wide photo with a very shallow depth of field. Bellow you will see the 35 images it took to create this one photo. 

Quick Tips: 

Focus on your subject and then set your camera to manual mode! This is important!

Shoot with a fast card! I Shot this image in the direct sun, and had to wait every 5 images for my card to catch up! Not fun! 

Try not to over shoot it! It took a few tries to get this image to merge well. I had to take out a few shots that cause the model to have extra fingers. Having overlap in photos is good, but if you have to many it will cause photoshop to add extra.

Swing by Ryan's site and read his breakdown! 


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