Never Far Behind

This was a fun touch-up! I wanted to add a bit of dramatics to this image, and some how ended with a wolf in the background! I changed the dress green to help compliment her hair as well as the earth tones in the background. Some people have suggested that her expression is lacking in this image. I would have to semi disagree, and I mean semi! I agree that her expression could be more dramatic, maybe even relieved to be out of the woods and out of the mask. But I think this image sells the same story, here expression is confident with out being over dramatic. Almost like she expected to get away from the wolf. Another reason why I dig this shot is...well It was a light test! This image was taken with in the first 10 images! Well I hope you enjoy the break down below! Sorry no video on this one!

After post production

Before: right out of camera, no color correction.

Wolfe: stock image from

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