Fireworks Stock

Whats not to love about the 4th of July? This year I decided to capture some of the excitement and grab a few stock images.  Feel free to download the packs and use them for what ever projects you have (Commercial or personal). Each image is super high resolution (6016x4014). If your feeling nice, then leave a comment with a link to the work you used it! I would love to see these in action!

One handed catch!


Sometimes in photography great moments just happen and are captured in camera. Like with most shoots this phenomenon is a rarity and requires some TLC in post production. The first image I took was PERFECT in every way except for the football blocking the players face. His height was awesome, the grass coming off his cleats, the lighting...oh man! Then he went for the one handed grab! Look at the muscle tone in the arms, the determination on his face, oh crap, I cut his legs off! I spent about an hour on this composite and was unsure if the position of his upper body would match the straight look of the first shot. With a few layer masks, some added lens flairs and motion blurs, I am satisfied with the final results. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

35 photos in this photomerge with Erin

The Final result

The concept is simple! Take a bunch of pictures and stitch them together as one.  This has become known as the "Brenizer Method" as it was made popular by photographer Ryan Brenizer. Essentially the effect and processes allows you to take a very wide photo with a very shallow depth of field. Bellow you will see the 35 images it took to create this one photo. 

Quick Tips: 

Focus on your subject and then set your camera to manual mode! This is important!

Shoot with a fast card! I Shot this image in the direct sun, and had to wait every 5 images for my card to catch up! Not fun! 

Try not to over shoot it! It took a few tries to get this image to merge well. I had to take out a few shots that cause the model to have extra fingers. Having overlap in photos is good, but if you have to many it will cause photoshop to add extra.

Swing by Ryan's site and read his breakdown!