Early Stage Trial Consulting

We offer a wide range of services, and it’s important that you get exactly what you need.  Trial consulting makes sure that your media needs are well organized and tailored to your specific project.  This process includes exhibit management, media planning, case analysis organization, slide show preparation, etc.


Trial Presentation

Spectacle is geared to take care of all your courtroom media needs.  We build your presentation to fit your needs, and provide all the equipment necessary.  We also make sure that we provide attorneys with user-friendly technology so it’s easy to use, and if that’s not enough, that’s ok.  We always provide a media technician to handle every move if necessary.  He/she will be able to do whatever you need, including highlighting and zooming in on key text and exhibits.


Legal and Deposition Video

Whatever your legal video needs, we’ve got you covered.  Spectacle films depositions, medical malpractice testing, etc., and we also film accurate case relevant re-enactments and other visual aids.