Having high quality headshots is essential for making a great first impression. We know that in the legal industry it's especially important that when potential clients look at your website your firm has professional headshots, ones that truly represent your staff. We know what's important in a headshot, and because of that our photos will give your website the edge it needs to stand out amongst your competition. 

$180 Per Person

$100 Per Person Group Rate


Business Photography

Business shots give a sense of who you are as a company. They capture employees working in real time, and really show off your personality in the workplace. These shots can be done in your main offices, live events, or any venue where the people who work at your business will be actively engaged in their work. Business photography is what truly brings your brand together, and represents what you're all about.

Starting at $1,200


Web Design

Everyone needs an up-to-date website that looks great and is easy to update. We use Squarespace to create our clients clean, classic sites that are a breeze to navigate and are optimized to pull in leads. Also, unlike many other companies, Spectacle has no interest in being a middle man that stands between you and your website, which is why we give the members in your firm that have access to your site a class on how to update photos, text, blogs, videos, and more. This way you're not having to write a check every time you want to update your bios. Ain't nobody got time for that! Here are links to some sites that we've built:




Starting Cost: $4,500

Deposition Videos

Our experienced videographers know how important a clean deposition video is to your business. All of our depositions are filmed in HD, have crystal clear audio, and are well lit so testimonies are accurately captured. We also have backup systems in place to guarantee that no unforeseen tech failures will interrupt your deposing process. 


Jury Investigation

Using modern online research techniques, we seek out and compile information on individuals assigned to your case's impaneled jury. The information we collect from social media profiles alone can be crucial when it comes to identifying personality traits, crafting your opening and closing arguments, and developing overall case strategies.

-Rates are quoted based on needs

Rich Johnson_268.jpg

Marketing Assets

Here at Spectacle, we create quality marketing materials from scratch that will reflect your services and style. We don't outsource any of our work, and we don't cut any corners. Since every law firm is different, we take the time necessary to put each of our clients brands under a microscope and make them something truly original. Below is a sample of some campaigns we've designed and built for one of our clients.

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