So, is Spectacle a photography agency?

No.  We’re in the business of creating photographs and videos for our clients, not repping photographers.  Rich Johnson is the head photographer here at Spectacle, and he works with a team that may include other photographers, depending on the scope of the project. 


What photo style does Spectacle specialize in?

When a client has a specific style in mind, we know how to make it happen.  We’ve shot it all, and have spent the last decade mastering different looks for different clients. 


What’s the difference between Lifestyle and Fashion photos?

We’ve done a lot of research on this topic, and nobody really knows.  Every client pretty much has their own definition. Here’s some definitions we’ve gotten from our clients:

“Lifestyle photos are candid shots with at least two subjects.”
“Fashion photos should only be done with controlled lighting, and Lifestyles are done with all natural light.”
“We need our photos to showcase our clothing, so we need to book a fashion shoot.”
“Our company, *******, needs to focus on the clothing we produce, so we need to book a lifestyle photography session.”

The best way to determine if you need Fashion or Lifestyle photography is to not focus on one or the other.  Just send us photo examples of what you need and we’ll nail the genre.


Why are my headshots horizontal instead of vertical?

BECAUSE WE’RE PHOTO SNOBS AND HORIZONTAL IS BETTER!!!!  Haha, we shoot most of our headshots horizontal by default because they give your pics a cinematic edge.  Shooting vertical also limits our framing options in post.  However, if you need vertical headshots, just let us know.  We can turn horizontal photos into verticals for you without losing image quality.

Horizontal goodness.

And for the real estate agents, the vertical.

When I hire Spectacle, do I own all the photos they take?

That depends.  Our standard pricing includes reproduction rights, which means our clients can use the photos for whatever they want and so can we.  We do this so we can use our photos in our portfolios, submit them as articles to websites, and sell them as stock photos, etc. If you want to own the photos outright, so only you can use them, we also offer exclusive rights to each photo. 

What’s the turnaround time for getting my photos?

Our standard turnaround time for getting photos back to the client is 14 days.  This starts after they’ve chosen the photos they want us to touch up and do post-work on.

When are payments due?

Spectacle requires a 50% deposit to schedule the date, and the final 50% is due the day of the shoot.

Is editing/post-work included in Spectacles price quotes?

We include all editing/post-work in our quotes.  Each client gets two rounds of revisions after their images/videos have been delivered.  For any additional rounds of revisions we charge $75.00 an hour. 

How do I receive my images?

Once your photos are complete we’ll send them via Dropbox or Google Drive. If you hate those options, you can give us a hard drive/thumb drive and we’ll mail it back to you with your images.

Does Spectacle do video?

Yes please.