Corporate Culture Photography


Corporate Culture

Corporate culture shots get a sense of who you are as a company. These capture employees working in real time, and really shows off your personality in the workplace. These shots can be done in main offices, live events, or any venue where the people who work at your business will be actively engaged in their work. Some of these shots can be somewhat staged, for example we'll tell someone to look at us as they work so we can grab a great headshot.   

Event package includes:

  • Photographer/8 Hours
  • Light Tech-Assistant/8 Hours
  • Camera Gear & Accessories
  • 30 Corporate Culture Shots/Color Corrected/Retouched

Total: $2,800

Below are some more examples of corporate culture shots we photographed during live events and at workplaces. Thank you so much for considering Spectacle Photo for your photography needs!

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