Water Ballet Behind the Scenes

This shoot presented some challenges you normally don't run into with most shoots. But leave it to me to say " I have an idea!, I want to have a ballerina jumping through a wall of water" Well it would have just dies there, but I told LuAndra, and Caleb and they wanted to try it. We tracked down Katia Garza a seasoned ballet dancer for the Orlando Ballet! She was amazing! Here are a few shots from behind the camera!

The set up! We made the water fall out of a 12' PVC pipe from home depot with two water hose attachments on each end. We then zip tied the pipe to an old backdrop stand I had.

A test jump before we turned on the water!

First Jump! Eyes wide open like a pro!!

One of the favorites before touch up.

Caleb had to get in on the action and show off his sweet ballet skills.

Rich JohnsonComment