Captain Kid

As Rich watched his son fight off devious smugglers in his backyard, he knew he had to get some photos of this time in his sons life. Rich made it happen. He took his family to St. Augustine, rented out an old house, and the following photos are the result

You're Not a Photographer If You Don't Learn Photoshop

There's this belief going around that being a photographer doesn't go hand in hand with knowing how to correctly use photoshop. I see it stated in photo critiques and comments in online photography groups almost daily. A "photographer" will

Photographers Should Be Criticized

There's this perceived notion out there that just because someone claims to be a photographer, they are one. It's a touchy subject, especially within the photography community, because photography is an art form. But hey, just for now, lets

Photographers: The Digital Storage War

The biggest struggle our photography studio had this past year was figuring out a digital storage system that allowed us to actively work on, share, view, and archive our photos. Once you hit a certain storage point, buying invididual WD external drives just doesn't cut it. We got

Fitness Models: 5 Photoshoot Tips!

Image is everything when it comes to fitness, especially if you're trying to brand yourself as a professional within that industry. It's really important that you represent yourself with photos that show off your hard work, and get the point across that you mean business. Selfies in a gym mirror are